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Spay and Neuter in Troy, MI

Should your pet be spayed or neutered? Here in Troy, MI, we believe that spay and neuter procedures are an essential way to prevent unwanted litters and stray dog and cat overpopulation in the community. Individual pets may also experience health and behavioral benefits, which can improve their quality of life and their relationship with you and your family. If you’re unsure about having your pet spayed or neutered, be sure to schedule a consultation with your vet so you can be assured that you’re making the right decision!

Call us at (248) 524-0500 to book an appointment for your pet.

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The Health Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Dogs and Cats

Spaying and neutering can help pets live longer by preventing, or minimizing the risk of, certain diseases. Hormone-driven behaviors can also be kept under control.

Female dogs and cats are:

  • Less at risk for mammary gland tumors
  • Not at risk for ovarian cancer
  • Less at risk for uterine cancer
  • Less likely to try escaping and searching the neighborhood for a mate, which could put them in harm’s way with cars and/or wild animals

Male dogs and cats are:

  • Less likely to be aggressive or display disruptive behaviors like mounting and spraying urine
  • Not at risk for testicular cancer
  • Less at risk for prostate cancer and venereal diseases
  • Less likely to make escape attempts when females nearby are in heat
  • No unwanted pregnancies
  • No heat cycle
  • Less risk of mammary gland tumors, which are often malignant, especially in cats
  • No risk of uterine or ovarian cancers
  • Unlikely to go roaming around to find a mate, which can put them in danger
  • A potentially longer lifespan
  • Less likely to be aggressive around other males, especially if a female in heat is nearby
  • No more risk of developing testicular cancer
  • Much less likely to develop an enlarged prostate
  • Less likely to roam in search of a mate
  • Far less likely to exhibit inappropriate behaviors including urine spraying, marking territory, and mounting other dogs/cats
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When to Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Every pet will have their own spay/neuter timeline, but we generally recommend spaying and neutering pets when they reach 6 months of age. This is not recommended for very large dog breeds, however. For Saint Bernards, Great Danes, and other large dogs, it is best to wait until your pet is at least a year old and their limbs and joints have finished growing. Being spayed or neutered too soon can disrupt this growth.

To set a date for your pet’s spay/neuter surgery, call (248) 524-0500 or make an appointment online today.