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Pet Surgery in Troy, MI

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Our vet team in Troy, MI can perform a variety of soft tissue surgeries, including spays and neuters, for dogs and cats. We take your pet’s health and safety extremely seriously, following the most up-to-date protocols and precautions to lessen any potential risks. As with any treatment your pet receives at our hospital, we aim to help them feel calm and secure throughout their time with us, so we can return them to you in good health and good spirits. Pet surgery can play a very important role in keeping your companion in excellent health, from treating or preventing certain types of cancer to mending injuries and clearing up infections.

Does your pet need surgery? Call us today at (248) 524-0500 to schedule an appointment.

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Reasons Your Pet Might Need to Have Surgery

With pet surgery, our goal is to improve your pet’s health and quality of life. We might recommend a surgical procedure for your companion if they:

  • Are at the right age to be spayed/neutered
  • Have a growth or mass that could be cancerous and is disrupting your pet’s quality of life
  • Have an issue of the eye or ear that can be corrected with surgery
  • Accidentally ingested a foreign body and are not able to pass it naturally
  • Have stones in their bladder
  • Have a laceration or other soft tissue injury that needs to be treated

Whatever the reason, we’ll be sure to answer all your questions and discuss all possible treatment options before moving forward.

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Helping Your Pet Recover after Surgery

While we know better than to romp around and return to normal living right after surgery, our pets do not. Some confinement may be necessary for your pet so they can heal properly. For more invasive surgeries including spays, mass removals, and exploratory procedures, dogs and cats should be kept to limited activity and socialization for at least a week. If your dog is crate trained, their crate is the perfect place for them to retreat from the hustle and bustle and recover peacefully.

Here are some of our recommendations to ensure a successful recovery for your pet:

  • Check your pet’s sutures daily for redness, hardening of the skin, bad odor, and ripped stitches.
  • Make sure your pet stays out of and away from water. Their sutures should never get wet.
  • Keep a close eye on your pet and make sure they’re not running, jumping, and roughhousing.
  • If you have other pets in your home, do not let them get too close to your pet and lick their sutures.
  • If necessary, we can provide you with an e-collar to keep your pet from licking and chewing at their sutures.
  • Monitor your pet’s eating, drinking, and elimination habits and let us know if they are having any problems.
  • We can provide you with oral pain medications for your pet, so if they seem uncomfortable while at home, give them the medication as directed.

We hope to make your pet’s surgery and at-home recovery as stress-free as possible. Let us know if you have questions by calling (248) 524-0500!